Guangdong Strong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a professional environmental protection consulting enterprises.. The company is located in International Purchasing Center in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. 
      Strong mainly provides the construction project environmental impact assessment, planning, environmental protection planning, emergency plan, investigation and remediation of contaminated sites, environmental supervision and environmental protection engineering design and construction, maintenance, inspection and acceptance of environmental protection, pollution facilities operation, sewage licensing declaration preservation industry chain integrated service ring; high-tech enterprises as recognized by the government, at present has been made in the construction project environmental impact assessment qualification, qualification of environmental pollution treatment of Guangdong Province, environmental pollution treatment facility operation qualification, Guangdong province construction project environmental supervision qualification.
      Company to quality survival, reputation and development, based in pearl river delta to domestic . The company is headquartered in pazhou, guangzhou, with two other branches in Foshan and Wuhan, and has opened offices in Yunfu, Dongguan, Jiangmen and Zhuhai.  Adhering to the concept of "struggle, professionalism, integrity and fast", providing one-stop environmental protection solutions for all industries; So far, the company has completed over 1000 technical advisory services and pollution control projects for government agencies and enterprises.
      As a technology consulting firm, with a strong environmental engineering, environmental assessment, environmental science, ecology, chemical, mechanical, HVAC, water supply and drainage engineering, safety engineering, hydrogeological aspects of professional and technical personnel more than 60 people. Half of them are master degree or above, and there are 13 Certified EIA Engineers.
      Staffs are the company's fundamental. Strong focuses on enhancing and training the staffs’ professional knowledge , regularly hold various training and seminars to promote the personnel professional skills, provide a good platform for the planning of employee occupation career in the process of rapid development, occupation career mode and the establishment of multi step ladder as standard, to help employees and the company grow together, share the development fruits.
      The rapidly developing Strong, optimization scheme to improve casting quality, service, responsibility, adhere to the customer service center, focusing on the customer experience and professional technical services, is committed to become the enterprise and trustworthy with "environmental steward"!

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