Pollution control facilities means for the prevention and treatment of wastewater, waste gas, solid waste pollution of the environment, disposal, improve the quality of the environment into pollution control, recycling facilities, and ancillary facilities monitoring system. Including the use of sewage treatment facilities, industrial wastewater, waste gas treatment and utilization of solid waste treatment facilities, industrial use the use of facilities, garbage disposal facilities, automatic monitoring system and other facilities.
       Project construction and operation of pollution control facilities maintenance of environmental protection facilities in operation, maintenance and management, to ensure the normal operation of facilities and equipment to replace the loss, treatment of pollutants, disposal and utilization. The activities of the operation of environmental protection facilities include the following two ways:
       Self run: means that the pollutant producing units operate, maintain and manage their own environmental protection facilities, and deal with the pollution treatment, disposal and utilization, and bear the corresponding environmental responsibility;
       Entrusted operation: divided into agent operation and social operation. The agent operation: refers to the enterprise or institution with the qualification of independent legal person, accept the pollutant producing units commissioned, the operation of environmental protection facilities, maintenance and management, the processing and utilization of pollutants, and bear the corresponding responsibility of environmental activities. Social operation is: an enterprise or institution with the qualification of independent legal person, accept the pollutant generating units commissioned by environmental protection facilities or building their own social investment, provide social services and disposal of pollutants for its use, and bear the corresponding responsibility of environmental activities.
       The basic task of operation and maintenance work:
       (1) guarantee the quality, high efficiency, safe and reliable operation of the monitoring station, ensure that the monitoring station on-line monitor is running normally and stably, and provide high-quality, efficient, safe and reliable data monitoring service to the users;
       (2) to strengthen the monitoring station operation and maintenance management, make full use of various techniques, real-time monitoring, accurately and quickly eliminate all sorts of fault, fault compression time, improve the availability of online monitor monitoring station, fault repair time rate;
       (3) periodically monitor and analyze the operation of the station's lines and equipment, optimize the performance of the on-line monitoring instrument, and ensure that the monitoring stations and equipment operate normally and in good condition;
       (4) strengthen the management of fixed assets, ensure the quantity and quality of assets, allocate rationally and make full use of the online monitoring resources;
       (5) automatic monitoring of pollution sources, data acquisition and transmission instrument through the national environmental certification, with the provincial and municipal monitoring platform networking;
       (6) automatic monitoring equipment monitoring frequency meets the requirements of the state, the performance index of the instrument in the country's standard range, stable operation of instrument, equipment operation rate should be more than 90% years, the normal operation rate of 95% or more, the monitoring center and stable operation rate of more than 95% automatic monitoring equipment and networking rate based information integrity rate 100%; abnormal situation timely disposal rate of 100%;
       (7) the establishment of all procedures hanging in the station house wall;
       (8) establishment of on-line system archive data;
       (9) establish relevant account, such as daily inspection record, wearing parts and parts replacement records, daily calibration records, abnormal data description and records, etc.

       Operation and maintenance responsibilities:
       (1) should be made to run online monitoring system, management and maintenance of qualification;
       (2) with on-line monitoring system operation, maintenance and management experience, and according to the on-line monitoring system of the corresponding national standard requirements, make the appropriate operation of quality control, to ensure the stability of the system and the monitoring data is accurate and effective;
       (3) responsible for asset management and maintenance of online monitoring system, including on-line monitoring instrument, maintenance tools, chemical reagents and so on;
       (4) for operation and maintenance needs all kinds of report format, record form, and has strict technical and data archiving and management system;
       (5) accept the supervision and management of environmental protection departments and relevant institutions of Party A, party and regular communication;
       (6) responsible for the online monitoring system for terminal operation, maintenance, management, and guarantee without the consent of Party A, strictly announced site online monitoring system terminal data;
       (7) party a training related personnel;
       (8) Party A shall provide a good working environment and necessary working conditions for the party.

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